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I used the entire regimen and love it!!!! I use the mineral masque for a period of 30 to 45 min and the mineralization my skin has received was unbelievable. The anti-aging cream is even better than the 150.00 cream I have used the past few years and the serum is the topper for me! Just a little around the eyes before bed and it works miracles!!!!! My husband even said I look refreshed. I have to mention as well, have I fair to sensitive skin and found the product line to be gentle and will recommend this to all my friends. The minerals seem to be the key for the healthy glow I have now.

Sylvia Brown

Dallas, Texas




I have very painful cystic acne when I have a break out and have been looking for a natural solution for a long time and found this online…The amazing results happened in just over two weeks. The problem areas dried up and just flaked right off. The anti-aging cream replenished my skin after the mask……my skin is soft, free from blemishes. I found my relief! Thanks gemclay!

Melissa Stevens

Miami, Florida





I came across your product and decided to give it a try and glad I did. I am in my late to mid 40’s and have relatively good skin for the most part and just looking for a maintenance regime to help with wrinkles, dryness & puffiness. I live in the high altitude of Colorado and the air is very dry and unforgiving at times, so I was very surprised to say the least that after a few weeks my wrinkles are barely noticeable, my skin is tight, rejuvenated and the MOST important thing to me HYDRATED!! The anti-aging cream keeps my skin moist for most of the day and the mint masque is my favorite! Very bold and deep pore penetrating! My skin feels well balanced and will tell all my friends

Sara Stevens

Denver, Colorado





I just wanted to say how much your products have helped my acne. I am a 17 year old boy and tried just about everything to help with the skin breakouts I have and your mineral clay masks are the best. Just after 4 weeks on my regimen my back and face are clear. For the first time in years I am not embarrassed to take my shirt off at the park to play basketball with my friends.

Alex Valdez

Houston, Texas




My name is Jeremy & I'm from Aurora Colorado. I visited your store in Buena Vista the last weekend in May when you guys got variance approval from Governor Polis. I picked up your Coconut Facial Cleanser and your Glacier Lip Balm. Both products are incredible!
I have super sensitive skin and I have found that coconut really helps so I try all kind of different products. This Facial Cleanser turns my dry skin flare-ups into healthy moist skin! The Glacier Lip Balm is amazing as well. I generally hate 99% of all ChapSticks and feel like they just leave a coating and they don't absorb into your skin. Yours doesn't do that!!! It absorbs quickly and I haven't had a crack in the center of my bottom lip for months!
Whatever you guys are doing keep doing it and don't change your recipes! Your stuff works wonders! Thank you so much!!!

Jeremy Martin

Aurora, Colorado