About GemClay

We’d all like to look younger, but no matter what we do, it shows in our skin. Skin problems can stem from diet, stress, poor skin cleansing methods - no one escapes the age factor. Often, the best remedies are natural remedies.

Mount Antero Treasures is proud to offer you the world’s first Aquamarine gem clay skin care product line straight from the pristine glacier peaks of Mount Antero, Colorado! The minerals that are the foundation of all our products are from one of the world’s most pristine and unique rare-earth mineral deposits.




GemClay Founder
Tracie Cardwell,
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This rare earth deposit is an incredible resource for healthy skin. The special gem clay formula acts as a multi-vitamin for the skin – adding minerals and essential oils.

This means that most of the minerals included in our skin care products are unavailable in common markets or to the general public, until now. We do not refine any of these minerals; they are natural occurring just as Mother Nature intended. Each snow season naturally washes the Mount Antero peaks and the glacier-thawing releases minerals that have been trapped for millions of years and reveals them in their most natural state.

Many people’s skin care challenges stem from mineral deficiencies in their diet and poor cleansing methods. Our Mount Antero Aquamarine skin care products address both issues. Utilize the Antero Regimen and you will see the difference after the first treatment.  Your skin will start to rejuvenate and heal.


About the Cardwell Family

Our family has a rich history in the Colorado Rockies, dating back to 1952 when we opened up the mining road to the top of Mount Antero, the place where we gather our gems and minerals. 

We go to great lengths to source the minerals from snow-packed glaciers at an elevation of 14,000 feet. This is where we collect the rare earths and formulate our mineral multi-vitamin for the skin. We add all natural botanicals for the perfect balance of nourishing skincare you will notice immediately.